About us

Over 25 years of supporting Apple users

The mission of Mac Worcs is to provide tailored advice and support on Apple technology to businesses and individuals.

Mac Worcs offers a range of services dedicated to helping clients plan, build and maintain, their technological infrastructure from ensuring that businesses commit to the right products for the job to being on hand to repair and restore technological issues as they arise. Mac Worcs has the contacts and the insight to provide the best solutions to complex issues, and can provide training.

After 25 years operating in the field, Mac Worcs has the knowledge and experience to help clients both save valuable time and money when setting up their equipment, and have peace of mind for years after.

System Design

A very real gap in the local marketplace for dedicated support of Apple products became apparent in 2001.

The other real challenges for users was that it was very difficult to take a device to the existing providers either because of a lack of parking, but most often because it terrified most users to disconnect cables from a desktop in particular, take it for repair and then reconnect every cable once returned.

Two strong imperatives emerged and founder Greg Peters, used those imperatives to create two of the core principles of Mac Worcs: to provide quality support to Mac users and to make it a “service to the client”.

The next challenge was to make it cost effective for both provider and client, so through 2009, this concept was refined and reworked and in 2010, the current model was fully in place.

Mac Worcs has continued to grow slowly but deliberately, making adjustments to the services it provides responding to changes in the business world and in the technology that supports it.

Apple products are marketed as being very simple and easy to use… when they work as expected! Mac Worcs provides expert support for when devices and software stops working.

We are upbeat about the future and as our team expands, the combined experience of the Mac Worcs team will be impressive and clients will continue to enjoy the very highest commitment to quality in response times, scheduling, efficiency, client-forward focus and price.

The lockdowns due to the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020 and early 2021, afforded Mac Worcs the opportunity to dramatically enhance remote support and improve its delivery to clients. The remote feature is now used for consulting, learning and support.

Case studies

Full Platform and Device Migration: Windows to Mac

3-Storey Home in Need of Robust and Reliable Wi-Fi

Reinsurance Business

Now a relationship of some years, MacWorcs has never failed to solve a problem, be it with the incoming signal, change of devices and programmes, or minot points of contention that one had forgot how to complete.

Dr. Edward Harris, MBE JP PHD FSABermuda

MacWorcs is a great company and I have recommended them to so many.

Robin Mayor

MacWorcs is the necessary other side of the coin to owning wonderful Mac devices, for maintenance always follows the purchase of such gear and MacWorcs excels in keeping things on course in this middle-of-the-ocean platform that is Bermuda.

Dr. Edward Harris, MBE JP PHD FSABermuda

We have been clients of MacWorcs for over 25 years.

Ann Spencer-Arscott, JPExecutive Director at Bermuda Red Cross

Always prompt, ever efficient, quick in their identification of issues and thus the solutions.

Michael SpurlingSt. George's