System design

From buying your first mac to setting up an office network

Service overview

Mac Worcs specializes in designing and building new systems. With over 25 years of experience working with Apple products, Mac Worcs performs forensic assessments of the issues and comes up with solutions tailored to the needs of individual clients.

Apple Buying Advice

When our clients need to purchase a new device Mac Worcs can help them customise their purchase to ensure they buy the right product to ensure that it will meet their needs for longer. Mac Worcs offers independent advice and consults with their clients to make sure they don’t spend more (or less) than they need to.

Mac Worcs is on the side of the individuals and businesses they advise and can help their clients navigate the technological language to ensure the products meet their requirements.

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Complete office and home system building

The mission of Mac Worcs is to provide the best setup for the needs of their clients. Whether it be a simple iPhone or iPad, or something more specialized such as printers, scanners, ring lights, networking or wifi, Mac Worcs will ensure that everything works together. If the solution is more complex, Mac Worcs has access to a network of experts and can refer clients to the best people to help them get connected and networked.

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Case studies

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