What were the challenges?

The main challenges were to create a very robust home network that is not mitigated by Bermuda’s rigid building code where reinforced concrete, concrete block and steel are mandated. The proposed renovations to the upper floors were just about to begin and the customer was happy to add one additional conduit with Ethernet cabling from the top floor master suite, down into the ceiling of the main (middle) floor. Working with our home network specialist partners, it was then possible to run a new Ethernet cable through existing conduits from the lower level, to the same location in the ceiling on the main (middle) floor. A third and final Ethernet cable was run to one of the 2 bedrooms on the main (middle) floor and all of the Ethernet cables were then terminated and connected to a new switch.

What were the results?

The ISP was changed to provide full Fibre Internet directly into the home. Utilising mid-range TP-Links mesh kits plus additional access points, the home was quickly setup with full Wi-Fi on all three levels, with the AirBnB unit operating on a “guest network”.

The installed system was very user-friendly and the home owners gained complete control of the private and guest networks.