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Mac Worcs offers support for individuals and businesses on an on site and remote basis.

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System Design

With over 25 years of experience working with Apple products, Mac Worcs performs forensic assessments of issues and come up with solutions tailored to the needs of individual clients.

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Mac Worcs provides our clients with the best learning opportunities on their terms and meeting their requirements.

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Now a relationship of some years, MacWorcs has never failed to solve a problem, be it with the incoming signal, change of devices and programmes, or minot points of contention that one had forgot how to complete.

Dr. Edward Harris, MBE JP PHD FSABermuda

MacWorcs is a great company and I have recommended them to so many.

Robin Mayor

MacWorcs is the necessary other side of the coin to owning wonderful Mac devices, for maintenance always follows the purchase of such gear and MacWorcs excels in keeping things on course in this middle-of-the-ocean platform that is Bermuda.

Dr. Edward Harris, MBE JP PHD FSABermuda

We have been clients of MacWorcs for over 25 years.

Ann Spencer-Arscott, JPExecutive Director at Bermuda Red Cross

Always prompt, ever efficient, quick in their identification of issues and thus the solutions.

Michael SpurlingSt. George's