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Mac Worcs has the experience and the breadth of knowledge to support individuals and businesses with their technological issues. Get in touch if you need a swift and effective resolution.

Support overview

With 25 years of experience in the field of Apple products and two premium support packages, Mac Worcs offers individuals and businesses the most comprehensive and tailored support to its clients.

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Key service examples

  • New device and system setup;
  • Hardware and software upgrades;
  • Recovery of crashed systems and devices;
  • Replacement of old or dying systems.

The help you need

On site and remote support

Our clients appreciate the flexibility that Mac Worcs offers with its on site and remote support. Sessions can be arranged quickly and tailored to the needs of the client, ensuring that any issues they have can be resolved efficiently.

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+ Premium support services

Macworcs offers a premium service for both residential and business clients, guaranteeing a quick response time.

+ Premium Business Support

These days, technology is at the heart of most business operations. Every day our clients rely on their technology to conduct meetings, develop their businesses and process their accounts, so a breakdown with their technology can be devastating.

Mac Worcs offers a premium support package for businesses guaranteeing a response time of 2 to 4 hours, giving our clients the stability and peace of mind they need.

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+ Premium Residential Support

Over the past few years we have all come to rely on technology as our primary form of communication with others, accessing money, paying bills and support services such as medical care. A failure in technology, whether that be your hardware or network failing, can be critical. If this happens – you need a rapid response.

Through its Premium Residential Support package, Mac Worcs guarantees a response within 24 hours.

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